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Timothy Armour believes that it is time to change the idea that passive index returns are the best and safest path to retirement. There is definitely a place for index funds, but the problem with them is that they do not provide a real cushion against markets when they are down. Trillions of dollars per year go into passive investments. Yet, only 50% of the investors recently surveyed knew that they were exposed to the potential for massive funds and market volatility with passive index funds.

The current bull market we are in is part of the reason why investors are ignorant about the risks they are taking. This bull market is historically long. Markets always turn downwards at some point. People want to do better than their neighbors when things go badly. It is important to have a nest egg saved away for when things go badly.


Funds that have been actively managed seem to have done worse than markets that weren’t over the long term. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Warren Buffet himself has pointed these exceptions out. He is in favor of long-term investing strategies. Simple investments that you can hold onto for many years are the best strategy for getting retirement funds according to him, and Timothy Armour concurs.

Timothy is a resident of the beautiful city of Los Angeles. He was educated at Middlebury College. He has been a long time employee of Capital group where he has worked for more than 30 years. Tim serves as the chief executive officer and chairman of the board for the company. He is respected throughout the financial services industry as a titan. He regularly contributes his financial insights to newspapers like the CNBC and to other professionals in the financial investment community around the world. His specialties are service companies and telecommunications.


4 Things That Will Harm Your Online Reputation

As social media becomes more important to businesses of all sizes, it is important to treat all your customers in the right way. Too many businesses are handling social media the wrong way. they still look at Facebook, Twitter and the rest as nothing more than broadcasting stations for their sales pitches.

According to, if you are doing any of the following four activities on social media you could seriously be hurting your online reputation.

Posting Sales Pitches Only

People love to buy but they hate to be sold. This is something you need to keep in mind. Most consumers want to engage with brands on social media, they don’t want to be bombarded with ads. Take some time to engage with your audience. Answer their questions, and address their concerns.

Ignoring Valid Complaints

Mahy consumers will go to social media first if they have a bad experience with a business. One bad review can reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers and turn them off to your company.

Deal with every complaint you receive on social media. Try to resolve the situation as quickly s you can. Making a disgruntled customer happy will do far more for your brand than any advertising campaign ever could.

Taking Too Long To Respond To Customers

When someone takes the time to mention your business on social media, they should get a timely response. Answer every question that customers ask. Deal with their complaints. You should be responding to every mention within one hour. When customers get a prompt response, they are more likely to recommend your business to others.

Not Monitoring Mentions Of Your Brand

You should set up a Google Alert for mentions of your business and you should also be searching for brand mentions on all your social media platforms. The only way you can respond to customer questions and complaints is to monitor everything that is being said about you on social media.

Online reputation management does not have to be difficult. By consistently monitoring what people are saying about you on social media, you can make sure your company has a stellar reputation online.

Why End Citizens United Supports Democratic Party Candidates

End Citizens United is an American Political Action Committee (PAC) that receives funds from grassroots donors. The PAC is dedicated to reforming the US Campaign finance system. It also focuses on showing the press, voters, candidates, and elected officials that people in grassroots need to be heard. End Citizens United’s primary objective is to build a coalition to reform campaign finance and pressure lawmakers to address this issue.

Since it was established, End Citizens United has combated the concept of Big Money in the political arena by electing good reform champions for campaign finance. These individuals ensure that money used in U.S. elections campaigns can be traced. By highlighting the issue of finance in politics as a nationwide priority, End Citizens United guarantees that elected leaders win elections fairly. The PAC also uses people in grassroots level to demonstrate whenever the issue is not addressed appropriately.

Support for Democratic Candidates

End Citizens amassed over $2 million in funding from donors. The PAC hopes to generate over $25 million according to its director Richard Carbo. End Citizens United also wants a constitutional amendment for PACs to be reversed by the Supreme Court. A petition for the amendment has been released to the public, and so far, more than 325,000 individuals have signatures have been collected.

The Political Action Committee also announced that it would be supporting 11 Democratic candidates. These include Michael Bennet, the Colorado County Senator, and Russ Feingold, Wisconsin County Senator. The PAC receives a minimum of $14.86 in donation from grassroots donors. End Citizens United’s professional team comprises of Reed Adamson and Valarie Martin. These professionals have worked as political strategists for several U.S. elections candidates.


The PAC’s director, Richard Carbo, said that his group stands out from other Political Action Committees in the U.S. He also mentioned that End Citizens United only backs candidates who support the campaign finance reform and who are against the Koch brothers’ political funding activities. The PAC hopes to establish an independent expenditure branch to fund the 11 Democratic candidates. The candidates’ publicity will be enhanced through polling, direct mailers, and television ads.

Rick Hasen, who is an expert on campaign finance regulation, said that PACs like End Citizens United create awareness to the public regarding campaign finance issues. He also said that End Citizens United puts political pressure on the Supreme Court to pass a motion on the constitutional amendment of campaign financing strategies.