Soros Is Leading Legalization Advocate

George Soros has been working, and not just behind the scenes, on the global movement to end marijuana prohibition and criminalization. As with any good activist, Soros has a multitude of tactics he brings to this fight, as well as a number of reasons he has taken up the cause.

Soros gave money in the legalization efforts that won on the ballots in Colorado, Oregon, California, and other states. He has also donated money to elected officials in positions to make change on this issue happen. Since those victories, he has moved on to other states within the Union and increased his efforts to the international level.

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Most recently, he was involved in legalization efforts in the country of Uruguay. This is a nation which has extreme poverty and a climate that could easily grow cannabis on a large scale. Uruguay has also suffered the side-effects of narco-terrorism in nearby nations like Columbia, Peru, and Brazil. The movement of an income source from criminals to poor farmers would be a victory on many levels in alignment with Mr. Soros’s many other philanthropic activities.

It is that complex personal story that appears to drive George Soros on this issue. He has talked many times about the multiple issues involved with ending the drug war on marijuana.

His social activist side recognizes how criminalized marijuana puts up more barriers to people than it brings down. The arrest rates in the United States show how it has been used as a form of racial and social oppression. Having lived in NAZI occupied Hungary as a Jewish teen, Soros has experience oppression, and he has a desire to see social equity. Read more on

He is also a businessman who has made billions of dollars in smart investments. He sees the potential for an entirely new, legalized industry, with millions of employees from farmers, to processors, to store managers. Not only can that revitalize economies, but it can also drive up the revenues of cash strapped governments. When you pair that with a reduction in costs to house prisoners, you can see why a smart businessman would come down on the side of legalization.

With so many important causes that he has fought for in the past, you might think this is one Soros would ignore. But his insight and his compassion appear to have made him a leader in a global movement to end marijuana prohibition. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

The King of Podcast Advertising Norman Pattiz Releases New Results about How Consumers Respond to Podcast Brand Messages

A new fantastic outcome of a consumer survey on message recall and responses to five key national consumer brands carried out by Edison Research on behalf of PodcastOne Studios was announced by the President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization Norman Pattiz.

About the serial broadcasting entrepreneur, Mr. Pattiz is a leading investor in television and radio network in the world. His rise to the top of the television industry is a result of a sharp and accurately scheming business instinct. In the USA alone, a small radio network he established in 1976 is now one of the leading radio syndicates.

The name of Norman Pattiz is linked to enterprising television and radio stations such as Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Free Asia which spread information about issues not related to the US military in any way. Presently he has put substantial capital on starting an independent television network that will broadcast the policies of the USA to the Middle Eastern States.

He hopes that the new system will resemble the CNN in all aspects, and it will not be commercialized in any way. It will be wholly owned by the government of the US. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

For the important role he has played in the development of broadcasting networks in America, two former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton have appointed him to be an active board member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States.

When they announced the results of the podcast research carried out jointly by Tom Webster who is the Vice President of Strategy for Edison Research, Norman Pattiz said that consumer’s ability to recall advertising on podcasts was not the same for many nationally popular products. The research was in two parts – a pre-survey and a post-campaign.

The survey was the first one of its kind ever carried out about podcast advertising, and its primary objective was to establish the different consumer responses in the pre-campaign and post-survey reactions to a garden and lawn product, a financial service, a dinner for casual meals, and aftermarket automotive parts.

The study by Edison Research was carried out in 2016. Here were the outcomes: 60% admitted they could remember some message about a grocery product.

For the lawn and garden manufacturer, only 24% in the pre-study remembered anything at all. The post-survey indicator for a financial service was 47%. There were variances across a range of many other consumer services and product advertised on podcasts.

How to Get Perfect Headshots from Nine9

The #1 most important thing to have when you are becoming a working actor is a headshot. Your headshot will define who you are and what you are capable of in the point of view of a casting director. Casting directors are the people who make the instant decision from a photo whether they will want to have somebody come in for an audition or not. Headshots can be the defining factor for you, so it’s vital to have them done right. If you are looking for a way to succeed with Nine9, these tips will help you out on getting the best possible headshots from their photographers and more information click here.

The first thing to do is to bring different outfits to the photoshoot. Different shirts, pants, and other forms of undergarments in case you need them when you change into something different. Also bringing props can help aid in the idea of creating a different look. You are always welcome to bring a cop outfit, a nurse costume, or any other kind of character that you think you fit well into. It’s pretty worth it to have a unique set of photos that best match what you look like and learn more about Nine9.

Nine9 is a very well designed company who strives to help their talent get amazing headshots. Their other tip is to bring clothes with bright colors that help match your skin tone and really bring out the best in you. Something that really helps your smile pop in the headshot is one worth wearing. It’s important to consider also the idea of the look you’re going for. The way you pose and how you stand all make a difference as to how you are seen in the headshot, so use these tips to help you get on the right track to getting the perfect overall headshot.

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The venture capital is an industry that is quickly growing day in day out. As such, many people are in need of help regarding the way in which they can raise their careers and lives to the new level of living. Jim Tananbaum is one individual who is regarded as a leader in this sector and is willing to help a lot of people and companies to get started and succeed.

Venture capital has a role of providing capital the new firms that are starting and want to venture in business. Already there are those that have achieved real success from what they are doing. Jim Tananbaum is a leader in the field, and he is happy to help others and change business to become even more successful.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim is a talented entrepreneur and well-educated man who have attended great institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Since he began venture capital, any people have praised his great work and are happy to work with him. Jim has added value to many individuals in several ways, and that is why many people are comfortable working with him because they know his abilities.

If you have been thinking of creating wealth, this is a good option that guarantees you success. First, Jim Tananbaum is a person who is always willing to help others grow because he understands the power of a prosperous society. He wants others to live healthy lives and always looking for a way to help others in the healthcare sector. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Future endeavors of Jim Tananbaum

Venture capital is not an easy path to success because it is a tough industry. However, Jim is aiming at achieving long-term goals and has done his best in shaping the industry. Regarding the future, Jim Tananbaum has a goal of helping people in this sector.

He is now happy concerning the changes that are taking place in the industry and is even willing to invest capital in working in areas that add value to people. Jim has proven that he is ready to help others and is sure of the future success of the business.

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Bruno Fagali: A Man in Search of Justice

Bruno Fagali is an eminent and rising Brazilian lawyer and the head of his advocacy firm, Fagali Advocacy. He is the new face of the Brazilian legal fraternity with his dynamic personality and an unstinting belief in the rule of law.

In addition to his association with Fagali Advocacy, Bruno Fagali is also working as Corporate Integrity Manager with Nova/Sb, an established Brazilian advertisement agency. His career in legal profession spans over several years, and over all these years Bruno has gained immense expertise in Administrative Law and Brazilian legal system. He has garnered enormous respect and reputation in Brazilian legal circles.

At the beginning of his career, Bruno Fagali gained firsthand experience by working as an intern in some law firms and some of the most learned legal minds of Brazil. Today, he is considered to be an authority on Administrative Law and Corporate Law. Also, his expertise also includes compliance and advisory areas, and electoral law.

Bruno Fagali earned a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paulo. Moreover, he also extended his knowledge by studying in various other educational institutions such as Brazilian Society of Public Law. Later he earned a master’s degree in law from the University of Sao Paulo with a specialization in Administrative law.

He is considered to be a new face of emerging legal establishment of Brazil, as he has achieved a distinguished reputation and stature in a short span of time.

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Vijay Eswaran Talks About “The Sphere Of Silence” And Why It Is Needed Today

Dr. Vijay Eswaran has been one of Asia’s top entrepreneurs over the years since starting his multilevel marketing company, QI Group. But he’s also written many books about his work and his beliefs and how others can benefit from spiritual practices. One of his books is In The Sphere Of Silence written in 2005, yet Eswaran has renewed his passion about it and shared it an interview with PRNewswire recently.

One reason Eswaran believes in listening and finding inner silence is that the world has become fraught with a lot of personal electronics and communication devices that are always keeping people on the move and leave little time to pause.

He learned as a young man how to meditate and look for inner peace at various times in the day, and he believes practicing this concept in the workplace can lead to more production and a better mindset for workers. Eswaran has studied Indian civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings and believes people can learn a lot from them.

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia though his company, QI Group Ltd. is currently headquartered in Hong Kong. His father Vijayratnam Saravanamuthu is a man that Eswaran has looked up to and taught him the value of sacrificing one’s own interests to help others. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Eswaran has always tried to live this out in his own business endeavors. He also started a non-profit known as the Vijayratnam Foundation built on the principles his father taught him. Eswaran received his bachelor’s degree in 1984 at the London School of Economics and his master’s at Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran didn’t start in multilevel marketing right away but worked some manual labor jobs including construction and cab driving. He looked at direct sales in the early 1990s and then after returning to Malaysia started obtaining capital through side jobs to start up QI Group Ltd.

Soon he and his partner Joseph Bismarck had acquired several properties and QI Asset Management was born. Today the company drives in most of its sales through QNet’s ecommerce platform, but it also owns QI University Perak in Ipoh City a little north of the capital in Kuala Lumpur.

Eswaran holds numerous recognitions including Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy and the Global Indian Meet 2012’s NGI award.

EOS- Revolutionary Lip Balm

When you think about lip care, you probably think about the same old tubes of products that you have been using for many years. However, one revolutionary company, EOS, decided that there had to be a better way to give women the lip balm they wanted in a new and exciting way. This is how EOS lip balm developed orbs of lip balm that changed the world of skin care forever. In fact, this company was so successful with its new design that it currently boasts the title of second best-selling lip balm in the country. In addition, it achieved its current status in a relatively short amount of time.

EOS lip balm, otherwise known as Evolution of Smooth, is a $250 million company that sells over one million units a week. This company’s tagline is “The lip balm that makes you smile.” This is an appropriate tagline as the product was designed to be fun to use while also being effective as Well. It even comes in great flavors such as honeydew and grapefruit, which many women find appealing.

EOS made many smart moves to ensure the popularity and success of its products. For example, this company partnered with well-known and respectable brands such as Disney and Keds to get its innovative products the positive attention they deserved. In addition, EOS created a marketing plan to reach millennial in beauty magazines and on social media. Editors at beauty magazines such as Allure, Cosmo and Amazon had rave reviews for the pots of lip balm, and beauty bloggers helped further advertise the products on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

As stated on, EOS has plans to further its product line in the future. The success of EOS can be attributed to developing a great product, being inventive with its design and creating a marketing strategy that worked.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a leading financial solution company issuing loans by use of stocks as collateral. During the time when the enterprise was incepted in the United States, there were minimal stakeholder capabilities in the United States. As a matter of fact, no one knows how to determine better business through innovation and capabilities. For this reason, they end up working to attain better business management in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. In 2002, Equities First Holdings was founded as the most sophisticated solution to the issuance of money using stocks as collateral. During that time, no one knew about the use of stocks to secure fast working capital. However, time has taught people that stock-based loans can offer the best solution due to their limited interest rates.

During this time of harsh economic crisis, most banks and companies have tightened their lending capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For you to determine better business capabilities, you might consider using these loans to achieve your goals during the harsh economic season. Equities First Holdings has also realized that companies and banks have started seeking the use of stocks to secure loans during the harsh economic season. During the harsh economic season, banks and other companies offering credit loans tighten their lending capabilities. For this reason, it becomes hard for you to qualify for the credit-based loans and read full article.

For those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans offered banks during the harsh economic season, you might consider getting more money from the use of stocks as collateral. Many people think that margin loans are similar to the stock-based loans. However, the two loans are very different. For the margin loans, the loan qualification method requires you to state the intended use of the money and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

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Julie Zuckerberg Provides Reliable Talent

There are many aspects that go into hiring someone especially for big companies like the Deutsche Bank. For that reason, most companies that are comparable to that bank hire people like Julie Zuckerberg to be able to do the talent acquisition part of their business. This is something that has given them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way and that they are getting what they can out of the different aspects of the business. It is also something that has allowed Julie Zuckerberg the chance to make sure that she is doing what she can so that she will be able to get more out of the process.


Because of the experience that Julie has, she has been able to find the right type of employees for the Deutsche Bank. She goes through the process of creating guidelines for hiring, teaching the employees about the different things that they can do and even helping the Deutsche Bank to set up the strategies that they need to make sure that they can hire the right type of people. Since Julie Zuckerberg is so good at what she does, she will be able to find the right kind of talent.


The Deutsche Bank was not the first place that she worked at. She was able to help many other banking places with the talent acquisition that they needed. She also did what she could to make sure that she was learning as much as possible while she was working with that talent. It was something that she was confident about and something that she worked hard to get to the point where she is at. While she did do some work for other places, like insurance companies, she found that was not where she did her best work with.


Instead of continuing to work at Hudson or New York Life Insurance, Julie sought out opportunities in places like the Deutsche Bank and Citi. These were where she knew she would be able to do the best and where she was confident working at. This also gave her a chance to be able to do more and to have more opportunities in her career. Julie wanted to make sure that things would be better for herself as well as for the people who she was hiring. She even wanted to make things better for the companies that she worked with.


Through the different things that Julie has done, working in talent acquisition and recruiting is the job that she has liked the most with Deutsche Bank. The bank knows that she is valuable and they do what they can to keep her happy while she is working for them. They also want to keep her for a long time so that she will be able to help them with the options that they have for employees. Julie plans to stay with the Deutsche Bank because of how well they treat her and what they have to offer her.