Samuel Strauch: The Miami Real Estate Tycoon

Have you have ever heard of the amazing and talented Samuel Strauch from Florida? He is an extraordinary real estate expert and agent based in south Florida. Recently, Samuel Strauch has released a list of 10 outstanding United States cities with the nicest suburban neighborhoods. Strauch expresses how life has drastically changed for millennials who seem to be searching for affordable housing, clean streets, low crime areas and excellent schools for their children. They do not have to worry about walking their child to school or simply going to the grocery store to buy some food. Young families can now have the best when living at a steady financial income. These cities include: 1. Denver, Colorado 2. Dallas, Texas 3. San Francisco, California 4. Austin, Texas 5. Tampa, Florida 6. Orlando, Florida 7. Miami, Florida 8. San Jose, California 9. Nashville, Tennessee 10. Raleigh, North Carolina and more information click here.

Now on to Strauch, who is the main owner of Metrik Real Estate and he is involved in equity, sourcing, management, development, brokerage and acquisitions all over southern Florida with a high concentration in Miami as well as in Latin America. Strauch and his astonishing team have earned a massive and impressive reputation which goes back around 15 years. They always make sure that their customer service is top-notch when speaking to their clients. Strauch has a strong emphasis in making sure that they pick the phone with the ultimate professionalism to communicate with their clients and his Twitter.

In addition to his real estate empire, Strauch is also a wonderful investor. He invests heavily in restaurants and internet companies. He believes food is part of life and needs to be perfected so that people live and are deeply influenced by food. Strauch also believes the internet is the future as he invests in internet companies that strive to make it much simpler for people to live with the help of technology. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the wonderful Hofstra University. Strauch was always a studious and smart student. Whenever he was confused or did not know what to do, he would always ask a question or he would get help to finish the assigned task and learn more about Samuel.

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