Mike Baur Is Investing In Switzerland’s Future

Mike Baur left a successful career to become a founder of Swiss Startup Factory. He has been part of the banking industry for twenty years. He understands the private banking industry is built on traditions, but he also expresses he is not a traditional person. It was time for him to explore a new venture in his life. He has an entrepreneurial spirit the desire to change the ordinary.


Baur explains that the reason Swiss Startup Factory includes the word “factory” is because the companies desire to produce more Swiss founded companies. They believe they manufacture companies in the way a traditional factory might produce tangible objects. He also explains that similar to a factory, the younger generation is having to work harder than ever before to produce these companies in the Swiss market.


The difference between the Swiss Startup Factory from other incubators is the fact that the founders and co-founders are literally paying for the opportunities with their own funds and hard work. They dedicate a great deal of time to their profession and helping others become successful and financially sustainable companies. They also aren’t involved in the politics that other companies might promote or be a part of. They are independent from others and completely fund their ventures on their own.


Baur sincerely believes that Switzerland is the best innovative country in the world and sees the future ecosystem flourishing, which will provide more opportunities and wealth for the citizens of Switzerland. His company is wise in knowing how to execute brilliant ideas that are developed by the youth and young start ups. The Swiss Startup Factory is also brilliant with innovating and expanding on dreams and potentials.


He is motivated by observing the success of others. Baur has a strong sense of community, and knows that by uniting and helping one another be successful it benefits the country as a whole. By working hard and watching the result of that hard work it motivates him to continue pushing forth each day.


Michael Baur gives back to the community by investing in the future of Switzerland. The ecosystem is changing rapidly and its time to be aggressive and push forward. They currently provide a 3 month long start-up accelerator program where they individually provide mentoring, coaching, office space and personalized services. They also offer financial services to assist with the beginnings of your entrepreneurial venture. They are also intertwined with a large entrepreneurial network to assist with other needs during your program to growth.



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