Roberto Santiago Is The Respected Pioneer Behind The Manaira Shopping Mall

As a young entrepreneur Brazilian born Roberto Santiago’s desire for success was obvious to those that knew and worked with him. After his first successful venture in cardboard manufacturing, in 1987 at the young age of 29, he purchased a parcel of land in his hometown of Joao Pessoa.

For the next years he worked on the development of what was then and still is today one of the most beautiful landmarks in the city of João Pessoa, the magnificent Manaira Shopping Mall that has been open since 1989. Read more on

The now famous and unique Manaira Mall features a college, gym, retail stores, a theater, a gaming area that includes bowling, financial offices, a gymnasium and food court. In 2009 Mr Santiago introduced the Domus Hall, an entertainment venue on the mall’s roof that can hold up to 10,000 people for standing room and seat up to 4,000. The grand venue hosts concerts, weddings, ceremonies, fairs and exhibits. With a state of the art sound system, soundproofing and air conditioning, the hall draws some great Brazilian entertainers as well as top international stage names from around the world.

The food court features an eclectic variety of delicious cuisine from fast foods like burgers, pasta, Chinese carry-out, to the higher end Capital Steakhouse. Shopping options include clothing, jewelry, a book store, cosmetics, sporting goods and furniture. The mall also hosts the College Higher Education of Paraiba, whose students provide for a nice customer base.

In 2013 Roberto Santiago developed another modern mall called Mangueira, also in João Pessoa that has contributed effectively to the growth of the economy in the Brazilian city as well as created a very magnetic effect to many other companies wanting to relocate to Joao Pessoa because of the economic boost Santiago has injected into the city.

A favorite of locals and tourist alike. Conveniently located in the heart of the northeastern coast city, beautiful beaches are close buy and the draw of the magnificently designed mall, one of the Brazil’s largest shopping centers, has moved Santiago to expand the Manaira Mall five times since it’s opening in 1989, with the largest expansion coming in 2013. The shopping mall has enjoyed a healthy new customer growth rate of up to 15% year after year.

With over 92,000 square meters covering the Manaira one of the must visit areas in the shopping mall is the amazing theater that offers movie lovers 11 viewing theaters, VIP rooms and a state of the art modernized 3D rooms. Read more on

The cultural growth and economic development that Santiago has brought to his hometown over the last 20 years has made him a pioneer and leader that the community can be both proud of and grateful for.

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