Remarkable Information Concerning the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello who is also known as Tony Petrello is the renowned chief executive officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. He obtained the position of a chief executive officer in 2011. Before that, he had been the industries’ president for the past ten years. In 1991, he commenced his journey with the industry, as the selected executive committee and board of directors on the board. Before working at Nabors industries, he worked at Baker and McKenzie law firm from 1979 to 1991.


Educational background and Lloyd’s comment

Tony schooled in two universities. He acquired his law degree from Harvard University. Tony Petrello further studied MS and Bs degrees from Yale University. During his college education, he had a roommate called Lloyd. Lloyd had a lot to say about Petrello’s genius levels back in college. One of his commentaries described Tony as a math wizard back in college. Hence, his excellent performance is a track record for his quality leadership.


Anthony Petrello and Cynthia

Anthony and his wife Cynthia have one daughter, Carena who is suffering from periventricular leukemia (PVL). Their daughter has been battling the malady since birth, and Petrello and his wife have been working on providing quality medication for her. The disease cause is the lack of oxygen or blood flow to the brain and his Twitter.

Their daughters’ condition forced Petrello to seek medication from Texas Children’s Hospital. The family has been getting donation and grants from friends and well wishers for a treatment of their daughter. Due to Tony’s frequent visits and contributions to Texas Children Hospital, he has been one of the Hospital’s boards of trustees and learn more about Tony.


Nabors Industries

Under Tony Petrello’s’ leadership, Nabors maintains as the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet and provider of the offshore drilling rigs in the United States and several international markets. The industry through Tony’s supervision has been able to provide performance tools, directional drilling devices and innovative technologies throughout the worlds’ significant gas and oil markets.

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