Obsidian Energy Is Evolving

In the oil and gas field, there are many competitors. All of these companies have something that makes them special. One of these companies is Obsidian Energy. What makes Obsidian Energy different is that it has a lot of great assets to it. They are an oil and gas producer, and they are doing great business all the time.


At one time the company was called Penn West Petroleum Ltd., and they decided to sell the company. It is now called Obsidian Energy, and the company is built on discipline and a sheer desire to make an imprint in a very competitive field.


The people that work for Obsidian Energy are proud of what they do. They work hard and are dedicated to providing the best that they can for their clients. They are an intermediate-sized company, and Obsidian is adamant about continuing on into the future with good hopes for a great journey towards lots of profits.


Providing oil and gas is what they do on a regular basis. They are interested in acquiring more customers to increase their client base. They do so by implementing encouragement to the workers and increasing the morale. The workers are pleased to be in the company and take their jobs seriously. See This Page for additional information


Making it even more unique is the fact that Obsidian Energy is diverse in nature. They employ lots of different types of people that are all experienced at what they do. The company is based in Calgary, Alberta, which is in Canada. They have other oil wells that are based in western Canada too. Obsidian Energy’s oil fields are located in Alberta, along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves. Obsidian’s oil production comes from three key areas in Alberta: the Alberta Viking, the Pembina Cardium and the Peace River Oil Sands


Since they are one of 60 companies that make the top for the Canadian stock exchange, they are looking forward to a future that will provide them with the added nudge to give them a good hold in the industry. When they are doing business, they are remarkable, and Obsidian wants to continue to rise in the competitive field so that one day they can become a huge leader in the industry.


Source: https://www.obsidianenergy.com/

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