Desiree Perez Taking on the Entertainment Industry

When Jay-Z founded Tidal, he was aware that his journey was not going to be easy. He was determined to rise above all the challenges that he would face in his work. Several of the chief executive officers that he had hired stepped down after failing to deliver. Jay-Z eventually met Desiree Perez. Since Desiree Perez stepped into Tidal, the company has never been the same. She has dedicated a lot of efforts in making Tidal a number one company. On stepping in, Ms. Perez prioritized building up interest in the streaming services over having perfect presentations and content.

Desiree Perez has time and again proven to be worth her position. She has continued to exhibit her fierce negotiation skills. She was instrumental in negotiating the Beyoncé Formation stadium, not forgetting to mention her role in Rihanna Samsung deal. One more time, the 47-year-old Desiree Perez proved her prowess in negotiating by attracting Sprint to invest over $200 million in Tidal. Five months after the Sprint-Tidal deal was put into pen and paper, fruits were borne. Jay-Z released an album that was sponsored by Sprints and allowed at least 1 million to download it for free. Pleased by this move, Desiree Perez said that it placed Tidal ahead of its competitors.

The ability of Ms. Perez to close many of the big deals is largely attributed to the fact that she runs her own business. She has created a reputation for diligence hence attracting even more customers. As much as Jay-Z may not be perfect in practicing business, he is good at selecting just the best people to work with. Desiree Perez joined Roc Nation in the year 2009 as the chief operating officer. Here, she is trusted to handle various areas of business such as publishing, labeling, and management of operations.

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