How Fabletics is Striving

When it comes to fashion, there is no brand that has made such a massive surge as Fabletics. The company was started just a few years ago, but is now the go-to brand for “athleisure” wear. The company is spearheaded by actress Kate Hudson and the famed Techstyle Group. Techstyle has created a multitude of online retail companies that sell women’s accessories and clothes. The duo paired up after realizing that Kate Hudson was the only person that could launch Fabletics into fame.


Fabletics was created to fill a necessary void in the world of athletic wear. At the time it was created women only had two choices in athletic wear. First, they could pay upwards of $100 for the same pair of leggings that all of their friends were wearing. Second, they could buy a cheap set of leggings that would likely lose their shape and fit within weeks. Fabletics was set to change that. The goal of the company was to offer leggings and other athletic wear at a decent cost, while still providing the highest quality fabric that would stand the test of time. Fabletics also wanted to ensure that the athletic wear they offered incorporated the latest and greatest trends so that the athletic wear could be stylish enough to wear outside the gym, as well as inside it.


Fabletics has created a unique marketing strategy of quality and cost effectiveness that has enabled the relatively new company to garner a large market share in the world of athletic wear. In fact, Fabletics has taken a large share of the market that formerly belonged to Amazon. People trust Fabletics and spokesperson Kate Hudson and are moving away from their past buying trends to become Fabletics customers. This is great news for Fabletics, who just started a few years ago. The company is growing very quickly and has easily become a household name.


Kate Hudson believes that Fabletics is doing great things for women. She signed on to be the spokesperson after hearing Fabletics’ plan to provide affordable athletic wear to women everywhere at a decent cost. Her belief is that she would never put her name on something she didn’t fully believe in, and she fully believes in Fabletics. She is so much more than the face of Fabletics. In fact, she regularly attends sales meetings, checks sales data and oversees the company’s social media strategy. She is highly plugged in to all things relating to Fabletics.

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