The Recent Projects under Boraie Development

Boraie development which is a leading property development company has started its construction of a residential complex. The project is expected to cost $81 million and is known as one of the most significant apartment projects to be recorded in the Atlantic City. The property is known as Pauline’s Prairie and is set to be The Beach at South Inlet. It will comprise of 250 apartments consisting of granite countertops, hardwood floors and also stainless steel appliances. According to Boraie Development, the complex is aimed at attracting millennials and will come with a courtyard that has a gym, pool and a residents’ lounge.

Wasseem Boraie who is the vice president of the Boraie Development said that this would be one of a kind project in the Atlantic City. The property will be constructed on a 4-acre piece of land and is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete. The new project will assist in injecting new life at the Southeast Inlet. Pauline Hill who is the director of the Atlantic City Housing Authority, dismantled the famous neighborhood to allow for commercial development. In 2013, Boraie development purchased the 4-acre piece of land for $1 million. The property had been sitting idle for a very long time. The city officials are excited about the project and say that it will bring excitement to the city since the property has been idle for long. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Development is a leading property development company which has been operating in the real estate sector for over 20 years. Due to its commitment and hard work, the company has earned reputation as one of the most efficient and reliable property development companies in the country. Boraie Development has managed to stand out from the rest of the companies in the industry since it uses private capital sources as its funding source. The company has employed a team of professionals who have a lot of skills and experience in the real estate industry. You can visit their website

Boraie Development works in conjunction with architects, contractors and financial institutions that are stable. The development company ensures that all its projects complete within the given timeline and that they meet the required quality standards. Boraie Development offers many different services in the urban real estate’s sector such as property development, sales and marketing and many others. Boraie Development is committed to being the leading property development company in the world. The company has an outstanding management team that implements all the strategic plans of the company.

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