Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Bradesco Appoints New President

In Sao Paulo, Banco Bradesco S.A. has made the announcement of an incoming president. Octavio de Lazari Junior will be the replacement for Luiz Carlos Trabuco on the executive board. Many believe that Trabuco will stay in his current postion of the Council as well as the executive position until March 12th, when a general meeting will be held. Lazari Junior, mentioned as one of the names to succeed Trabuco, left his dream of playing football to work in the bank unit. Lazari’s father used to be a client and he used this relationship with the manager to help claim the open position for his son.

After taking the initial test, he was chosen for the job, but it was not planned for him to become president. Contrary to what many believe, Lazari used this opportunity to make himself better, through study, as well as working through different areas. Trabuco mentions that Lazari still must work hard as this is the second largest bank in the country and he will hold a very important position.

This succession process actually began in October, and that was when Lazaro de Mello Brandao resigned from the chairmanship of the bank’s Board of Directors. This move by Brandao was the reason Trabuco rose to the collegiate presidency. The bank made a statement that at that time the new president would come from the current staff of the institution. Clearly Bradesco is victorious, as Lazari seeks to continue and renew the legacy left by Brandao and Trabuco.


Keeping the legacy left by Mr. Brandao and Mr. Trabuco in tact, Lazari mentions his predecessors during the press conference to announce the change of command. Trabuco talks about how it took months for the selection of the new president to occur. Knowing that he definitely would be one of seven vice presidents, Lazari’s experience outweighed reasons and assertions that other potential candidates made. His personal successes are recognized by Bradesco and seen with much distinction.

According to, Bradesco has made the right choice in Octavio Lazari Junior, and as Trabuco passes the torch to the new President many will watch to see what changes will happen under new leadership. There are some similarities between both men, as they have a storied history within Bradesco. As chairman, Trabuco was one of the many behind the choice of Lazari Junior, and again this choice happens to be based off of the experience Lazari Junior brings to the position. We will see the results of this decision as the date of the March 12th meeting approaches.

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