Sheldon Lavin’s contribution in OSI Group

Sheldon has a degree in finance, accounting, and this has profoundly contributed to him achieving success in his career. Sheldon’s journey dates back to 1970 when he joined Otto and Sons Company, the company was involved in meat processing, and in 1970 the company received a business deal that they were unable to finance and thus needed a financial advisor. Sheldon was hired in the company, and over time he was offered to join the team and become a business partner. He, however, declined the position but later in 1975 the company expanded to other countries. Sheldon gained more interest in the company, and after Otto retired, he entered into an alliance with the son.

On joining the company they agreed to change the company’s name to OSI group, Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in the firm’s success, and his skills in finance have helped the business grow intensely, he serves as the CEO of the company. Currently, the firm has established almost 60 operating facilities and is operational in 16 countries, and his Linkedin.

The company has helped employ many people all over the world. Under his leadership, OSI group has developed a unique culture, where the workers are treated as a family this move has helped reduce employees turn over, and workers give their best and ensure production of quality products for their users, and learn more about Sheldon Lavid.

The company has become a household name in food production, and with his financial background, Sheldon has helped the company to stay relevant and in the market for many years. His skills and dedication have been recognized, and he has been awarded several awards for serving as president of Sheba foundation, he was also recognized for been a board member of Rush University Medical Center as well as a trustee for Ronald McDonald Charities.

Also, Sheldon Lavin has helped OSI group receive awards due to their exceptional product, some of the awards include; the Globe Honor, which was awarded in 2016 recognized Sheldon’s efforts to propel OSI group on a global platform, the award also commended Sheldon’s work on providing employment all over the world.

Sheldon Lavin’s skills have helped in the growth of the company and have gained consumers trust by providing safe and healthy products, and

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