Securus Technologies Helps Minimize the Threat of Drones in Prisons with Its Drone Detection Technology

The use of drones in different industries has increased to a great level. They make many activities quite easy and are frequently being used by photographers and also for surveillance. But, still, criminals are finding ways to take advantage of drones by using them to deliver contraband items inside the prisons. Drones are often used to deliver bombs and weapons to the inmates that can quickly turn the prison into a war zone. Often, more guards and more checks are not enough to keep the contraband delivery using drones away.


The first step towards tightening security at prisons is by using the most advanced drone detection technology. Securus Technologies have developed the best technology that allows the prison officials to detect drones from far off. This technology is useful for keeping the unwanted drones away from the prisons. The system can be easily integrated with the existing system so that the officials do not have a hard time learning about it. The drone detection system offers real-time warnings about any drone approaching the prison to help stop it.


Securus Technologies has been in the industry for very long and understands the importance of keeping prisons safe. The company has invested money in developing new technologies that would make prisons much safer and their drone detection technology is the most recent one. The experts at the company continuously test the system to ensure that it is doing perfectly what it meant to do.


Securus Technologies is known for its exemplary services to its customers and have been recognized for its efforts multiple times in the past years. The company recently were the recipient if three customer service awards at the 2018 Stevie Awards. The award took place in Las Vegas, NV in the presence of more than 600 executives from around the globe.



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