Alex Pall, the one-half of the Chainsmokers Duo

Uniqueness is not word enough to describe the musical genius that goes into the creation of the chainsmokers top hits. There recently highly anticipated single release on their new track “closer” proves their originality when it comes to making music. The single “Closer” features Halsey. This dynamic duo does things differently since they rely on the vocalists and songwriters to add a human element to their electric sound. Of the two, Alex pall also sings in some of the chain smoker songs. Alex pall is one-half of the chainsmokers duo. Before he met Andrew Taggart, Alex Pall was a Dj around New York City without much happening for him when it came to his career.

He met Andrew through his current manager and decided to give dance music a try since it consumed all his time. Alex Pall quit and his job and decided to take a jump into a career of making music full time. Upon meeting Andrew, they both combined their various musical skills to come up with the perfect harmonious combination. Andrew Taggart is a talented producer while Alex Pall is a skilled Dj. Combining the two may have taken time, but it worked out for them. In a majority of the songs, the chainsmokers release they often speak of their lives. According to Alex Pall, writing the lyrics for your sing makes it easy for people to sing about their personal lives. Every song they write for their album gives an authentic and different feel to every song.

Working with Haley on the “closer “single according to the Chainsmokers was an incredible experience for them. She was apparently on top of the list the chainsmokers have of the artists they desire to work with. According to Alex Pall, Hailey has a strong, unique voice and she makes no apologies about it. The single “closer” was different from all the other singles since the production of the song was done by the chainsmokers. Their fans have grown ever since they began their musical career. They now have fans in South Africa, Philistines and other countries singing their tunes.

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