How José Henrique Borghi Grew Mullen Lowe into a Globally Known Ad Agency

José Henrique Borghi is an ingenious Brazilian businessperson. He is also the brains behind the celebrated Mullen Lowe, which is an established Brazilian advertising agency. José Henrique Borghi is also renowned for creating thrilling campaigns. One of his campaigns advocated for the protection of endangered animals. It featured children who wore jungle clothes and sang Brazilian jingles.

Career Background
Jose Henrique Borghi was passionate about performance arts when he was growing up. As a junior high school student, he attended the Castro Necessary Theatre to watch performances from different artists. He was keen on how the presentations were made. Though he was born in Presidente Prudente, Borghi attended PUC-Campinas and majored in an advertising degree course.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Borghi started working for Standart Ogilvy. He also worked for Léo Burnett, FCB, and DM9/ DDB. Using the experience he earned from these companies, he worked with Erh Ray in founding BorghiErh as an advertising agency. They began the business from scratch with no investors or advisors.

Due to the commercial performance of BorghiErh, Lowe bought it and renamed it to Borghi Lowe. The company grew by garnering clients in the local and international markets. It was later merged with the Mullen Group and Lowe & Partners to form Mullen Lowe. After the merge, José Henrique Borghi and André Gomes became the co- CEOs and read full article.

Personal Life
Besides working in the Brazilian advertising industry, Borghi is actively involved in sports. He usually participates in different kinds of marathons during his leisure time. He also believes that success lies in hard work and determination. His advice to budding advertisers is that they should stick to creating quality content. As an ad agency, Mullen Lowe Brasil is renowned for its creative and appealing ad campaigns.Therefore,the firm has built a large and reliable pool of ad clients.

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