Jingdong’s Urban Smart Logistics Institute Is Helping The Environment

Jingdong, the Chinese e-commerce company, said it is working on a plan to build an underground, urban parcel delivery. It was announced at the company’s 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit in Beijing. Jingdong will launch its “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” to develop plans for urban logistics hubs, big data and cloud computing platforms for […]

Remarkable Achievements of Peter Briger in The Financial Sector

Some entrepreneurs have achieved a lot in their lives while others have failed. Those who have not succeeded do not know the right way to manage businesses. Such people should learn from others like Peter Briger. He serves at Fortress Investment Group, and since he joined the company, he has helped it to achieve great […]

Get The Secure Finances You Need Through The Infinity Group

The Infinity Group prides themselves on providing the financial support that you’d expect from a financial institution, but they’re an equity firm. Thousands of customers have been able to rely on the Infinity Group because they exemplify rebuilding your finances. In fact, their financial fitness test will offer you online results that you can use […]

Fortress Investment Group Enters Lucrative Agreement With Softbank

Randal Nardone is the founder and CEO of Fortress Investment Group. The diversified global investment corporation manages investments for investors of all types. Fortress offers a wide range of strategies including private equity, real estate and investment strategies. Randal Nardone, who co-founded the company in 1998 with Rob Kauffman and Wesley Edens, is ranked on […]

Stream Energy Offers a Hand Up

Stream Energy is a company with compassion, and they’re aware of the needs of their community of Dallas. They’re also eager to help those in other parts of the country who need a helping hand. Stream Energy was there for those devastated by Hurricane Harvey, and they are there for those who are homeless in […]

GreenSky Credit Has Found An Incredibly Valuable Niche

There’s a reclusive billionaire hiding in Atlanta, Georgia. David Zalik is pretty unassuming. He drives around Georgia with a tattered baseball hat and spends much of his time in a hidden office building tending to his brainchild GreenSky Credit. He came up with GreenSky Credit as a teenager and he believed in the business so […]

Hedge Fund Manager Sahm Adrangi Takes Another Look Up

Sahm Adrangi recently suggested the feasibility of lucrative investment in the satellite spectrum companies IntelSat (USA) and SES (Europe). He projects that IntelSat will win the march to 5G technology made ubiquitous in consumer use. He expects a transition from majority television to mobile telephone and other mobile gadgets. Both companies possess the keys to […]

What Aloha Construction Recommends for Post-Fire Cleanup

House fires are common occurrences across the country, and Aloha Construction has made some wonderful recommendations for those who have recently experienced the damage a fire can cause. Getting your home from ruins to fully restored can take time, but here are some things you can do to make the post-fire cleanup task much easier. […]

Lessons from Shervin Pishevar’s 21-hour tweet storm

The finest source of information regarding predictions, dreads, and deficiencies in an industry is always from the individuals working inside the involved industry. They offer unmatched insights and most of the time; they have proof to support their assumptions.   One such individual is Shervin Pishevar. He has been a prosperous investor in technology startup […]