The King of Podcast Advertising Norman Pattiz Releases New Results about How Consumers Respond to Podcast Brand Messages

A new fantastic outcome of a consumer survey on message recall and responses to five key national consumer brands carried out by Edison Research on behalf of PodcastOne Studios was announced by the President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization Norman Pattiz.

About the serial broadcasting entrepreneur, Mr. Pattiz is a leading investor in television and radio network in the world. His rise to the top of the television industry is a result of a sharp and accurately scheming business instinct. In the USA alone, a small radio network he established in 1976 is now one of the leading radio syndicates.

The name of Norman Pattiz is linked to enterprising television and radio stations such as Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Free Asia which spread information about issues not related to the US military in any way. Presently he has put substantial capital on starting an independent television network that will broadcast the policies of the USA to the Middle Eastern States.

He hopes that the new system will resemble the CNN in all aspects, and it will not be commercialized in any way. It will be wholly owned by the government of the US. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

For the important role he has played in the development of broadcasting networks in America, two former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton have appointed him to be an active board member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States.

When they announced the results of the podcast research carried out jointly by Tom Webster who is the Vice President of Strategy for Edison Research, Norman Pattiz said that consumer’s ability to recall advertising on podcasts was not the same for many nationally popular products. The research was in two parts – a pre-survey and a post-campaign.

The survey was the first one of its kind ever carried out about podcast advertising, and its primary objective was to establish the different consumer responses in the pre-campaign and post-survey reactions to a garden and lawn product, a financial service, a dinner for casual meals, and aftermarket automotive parts.

The study by Edison Research was carried out in 2016. Here were the outcomes: 60% admitted they could remember some message about a grocery product.

For the lawn and garden manufacturer, only 24% in the pre-study remembered anything at all. The post-survey indicator for a financial service was 47%. There were variances across a range of many other consumer services and product advertised on podcasts.