Samuel Strauch and the Hottest Real Estate Company In Miami

Mr Samuel Strauch is based in Miami Beach in the state of Florida. He is a wildly successful real estate businessman and entrepreneur. Mr Samuel Strauch is an expert in the fields real estate property development and investment, and he also owns and runs a large company called Metrik Real Estate.

Mr Samuel Strauch is a former student of the Hofstra University which is located in New York City. He graduated with flying colours and a master’s degree in Business. He has also attended several other academic institutions from the likes of Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the University of Harvard.

After finishing his education, Mr Samuel Strauch put a start to his career in the field of banking. He worked at a few different places, but after a few years, he decided to transition from banking to real estate business which is also the family business.

Samuel Strauch worked for a few years alongside his family and then decided to establish a company of his own. He created Metrik real Estate in 2002 and assumed the post of Principal. The company is located in one of the bustling areas of the business of real estate – Miami Beach. The advantages place of the headquarters has played an important part in the development of the company for sure. Over the past years, the company opened offices in Latin America and South Florida. It has been in the business for fifteen years.

Metrik Real Estate operations in a few divisions – Management, Brokerage, Equity and Development. That allows the company to keep better track of the results and achievements. In recent years Metrik Real Estate has been collaborating on several real estate projects. In the past, the company has ben assisted by businesses such as Affinity Realty Group which is also located in Miami Beach, Florida.