EOS- Revolutionary Lip Balm

When you think about lip care, you probably think about the same old tubes of products that you have been using for many years. However, one revolutionary company, EOS, decided that there had to be a better way to give women the lip balm they wanted in a new and exciting way. This is how EOS lip balm developed orbs of lip balm that changed the world of skin care forever. In fact, this company was so successful with its new design that it currently boasts the title of second best-selling lip balm in the country. In addition, it achieved its current status in a relatively short amount of time.

EOS lip balm, otherwise known as Evolution of Smooth, is a $250 million company that sells over one million units a week. This company’s tagline is “The lip balm that makes you smile.” This is an appropriate tagline as the product was designed to be fun to use while also being effective as Well. It even comes in great flavors such as honeydew and grapefruit, which many women find appealing.

EOS made many smart moves to ensure the popularity and success of its products. For example, this company partnered with well-known and respectable brands such as Disney and Keds to get its innovative products the positive attention they deserved. In addition, EOS created a marketing plan to reach millennial in beauty magazines and on social media. Editors at beauty magazines such as Allure, Cosmo and Amazon had rave reviews for the pots of lip balm, and beauty bloggers helped further advertise the products on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. https://www.facebook.com/eos/

As stated on https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick, EOS has plans to further its product line in the future. The success of EOS can be attributed to developing a great product, being inventive with its design and creating a marketing strategy that worked.