Beneful Incredibites Are A Favorite For Small Dogs

Beneful Incredibites make the perfect meal for our most beloved friends: Our dogs. Created for small, adult dogs, Incredibles have become a favorite amongst dogs and their human companions, and for good reason. Every bag is chock full of small, bite-sized pieces that are perfect for your tiny fur friends, and come in two delicious flavors, beef, and chicken, with hints of peas and carrots in both. This mouthwatering combination is packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, vitamin A, niacin, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, zinc sulfate, and calcium iodate. Incredibles contains 366 Calories per cup to keep your canine companion energized and ready for a game of fetch. It is also full of whole grains, vegetables, and, most importantly, farm-raised beef or chicken.

Meat is always the first ingredient, so your dog will always get plenty of protein. Incredibles is designed to keep your pets happy and healthy, and your mind at ease. Since there are two varieties, deciding which your dog will like best is tricky. Although both flavors are tasty, it seems that most dogs seem to prefer the chicken flavor, but it definitely depends on the dog. It might be beneficial to try both flavors to see which your dog prefers. Beneful Incredibites is quite affordable, as well, with prices starting at just $13 for a 15.5 lb bag, $8 for a 6.3 lb bag, and $5 for a 3.5 lb bag. Your furry friend will love Beneful Incredibites, and I’m sure you will too!