The Mindsets That Betsy DeVos is Trying To Tear Down

There is a need for reform in the education system. The world is changing and it is important for education to be able to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need in order to keep up with the changes in the world. Among the people that are working on bringing forth the changes is Betsy DeVos. She is someone that is trying to bring forth a different way of education. However, in order to do that, she has to tear down a few mindsets that are not the best for education. When she succeeds to tear down those mindsets, children and the education system will have a better future to look to.

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One mindset that has to be torn down is the mindset that children should get schooling based on their zip code or where they live. One of the issues with this is that not all schools are good schools. In many cases, the zip code or the location of the child has a lot of issues that can get in the way of the education that the student can get. There are a ton of issues that students can face that could interfere with their education.

Another mindset that is starting to be outdated is the mindset that education is to be tied to school buildings. While buildings are still good places to get an education, the issue with this is that it imposes limits on children that are no longer necessary. With the internet, people can have an easier time getting the education that they need so that they can support themselves. Visit to know more about their foundation.

The world is changing. For one thing, a lot of options are being developed for people thanks to the internet. One thing that the internet offers is plenty of information as well as courses so that people can have a better time getting the education they need in order to move forward. Betsy DeVos recommends that people take advantage of the many sources of information that they can get so that they can make the most out of their lives and even build their communities.

Soros Is Leading Legalization Advocate

George Soros has been working, and not just behind the scenes, on the global movement to end marijuana prohibition and criminalization. As with any good activist, Soros has a multitude of tactics he brings to this fight, as well as a number of reasons he has taken up the cause.

Soros gave money in the legalization efforts that won on the ballots in Colorado, Oregon, California, and other states. He has also donated money to elected officials in positions to make change on this issue happen. Since those victories, he has moved on to other states within the Union and increased his efforts to the international level.

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Most recently, he was involved in legalization efforts in the country of Uruguay. This is a nation which has extreme poverty and a climate that could easily grow cannabis on a large scale. Uruguay has also suffered the side-effects of narco-terrorism in nearby nations like Columbia, Peru, and Brazil. The movement of an income source from criminals to poor farmers would be a victory on many levels in alignment with Mr. Soros’s many other philanthropic activities.

It is that complex personal story that appears to drive George Soros on this issue. He has talked many times about the multiple issues involved with ending the drug war on marijuana.

His social activist side recognizes how criminalized marijuana puts up more barriers to people than it brings down. The arrest rates in the United States show how it has been used as a form of racial and social oppression. Having lived in NAZI occupied Hungary as a Jewish teen, Soros has experience oppression, and he has a desire to see social equity. Read more on

He is also a businessman who has made billions of dollars in smart investments. He sees the potential for an entirely new, legalized industry, with millions of employees from farmers, to processors, to store managers. Not only can that revitalize economies, but it can also drive up the revenues of cash strapped governments. When you pair that with a reduction in costs to house prisoners, you can see why a smart businessman would come down on the side of legalization.

With so many important causes that he has fought for in the past, you might think this is one Soros would ignore. But his insight and his compassion appear to have made him a leader in a global movement to end marijuana prohibition. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Why End Citizens United Supports Democratic Party Candidates

End Citizens United is an American Political Action Committee (PAC) that receives funds from grassroots donors. The PAC is dedicated to reforming the US Campaign finance system. It also focuses on showing the press, voters, candidates, and elected officials that people in grassroots need to be heard. End Citizens United’s primary objective is to build a coalition to reform campaign finance and pressure lawmakers to address this issue.

Since it was established, End Citizens United has combated the concept of Big Money in the political arena by electing good reform champions for campaign finance. These individuals ensure that money used in U.S. elections campaigns can be traced. By highlighting the issue of finance in politics as a nationwide priority, End Citizens United guarantees that elected leaders win elections fairly. The PAC also uses people in grassroots level to demonstrate whenever the issue is not addressed appropriately.

Support for Democratic Candidates

End Citizens amassed over $2 million in funding from donors. The PAC hopes to generate over $25 million according to its director Richard Carbo. End Citizens United also wants a constitutional amendment for PACs to be reversed by the Supreme Court. A petition for the amendment has been released to the public, and so far, more than 325,000 individuals have signatures have been collected.

The Political Action Committee also announced that it would be supporting 11 Democratic candidates. These include Michael Bennet, the Colorado County Senator, and Russ Feingold, Wisconsin County Senator. The PAC receives a minimum of $14.86 in donation from grassroots donors. End Citizens United’s professional team comprises of Reed Adamson and Valarie Martin. These professionals have worked as political strategists for several U.S. elections candidates.


The PAC’s director, Richard Carbo, said that his group stands out from other Political Action Committees in the U.S. He also mentioned that End Citizens United only backs candidates who support the campaign finance reform and who are against the Koch brothers’ political funding activities. The PAC hopes to establish an independent expenditure branch to fund the 11 Democratic candidates. The candidates’ publicity will be enhanced through polling, direct mailers, and television ads.

Rick Hasen, who is an expert on campaign finance regulation, said that PACs like End Citizens United create awareness to the public regarding campaign finance issues. He also said that End Citizens United puts political pressure on the Supreme Court to pass a motion on the constitutional amendment of campaign financing strategies.